My name is Ben Scerri (or Psy, my internet handle) and I am a linguist, writer and, most importantly, a Game Master. Why do I say most importantly? Because that gives me the most joy‒and our lives are made up of our emotions‒and that which effects our emotions and moods the strongest is our most important aspect.

This blog is about my three aspects, and how they influence my life and the lives of those around me. I provide this information for you so as to maybe affect your lives. This will not just be a recount of my days however (and such things will rarely factor into this blog) but rather a series of articles, reviews and snippets reflecting physical-world issues and events that influence our real selves.

I think a general discussion on philosophy is in order here: It is already accepted that Writing is art, but I need to make a few more distinctions. Gaming is art. Language is art. Therefore, those who participate in them creatively are artists. This does not mean being a Writer, a GM (or developer) or a Linguist. This just means expressing oneself through one or more of these mediums, even if it is passively (reading a book, listening to poetry, watching/reading an Actual Play recount, etc).

I have every respect for the schools of art that are readily accepted, and all I ask is equal respect in turn.[1]

In my life I strive to combine my three aspects: I make Conlangs[2] for the stories I write and the cultures experienced in my RPGs, I make detailed and expressive dialogues for the NPCs in my games, and I bring literary and emotional aspects to my Conlangs and physical-world languages.

As such, I hope I am able to shed some light on the way I do things to either enrich your endeavours, or to perhaps show you how you can branch the gaps between your aspects to achieve whatever you wish to in your creative endeavours.

I hope to talk to you again soon,

Ben Scerri

1 Go to the following link to find out more information about Video Games as an art form, and you might just see more clearly how even Table Top RPGs are art.
2 A ‘Conlang’ or Constructed Language is a language created for use by its creator. These are not nonsense languages, but fully formed grammars. Look the term up on Google or go to for more information.