ACTUALLY On the Road to Games Day! (Post 2 of The Daemon Cycle)

Ok, we left off last time with me getting ready to go to Games Day, but we didn’t really even begin on the road itself. Well, ALL THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!

*Roll intro music*

Me and my best friend (henceforth, Nemesis) were gunning to go, and with all our bags packed, we got in his car and travelled to Broadmeadow Station (I had come up to Newcastle for the week to see Mami). We parked and got to the platform just in time for tickets and drinks (Nemesis got 2 bottles of soft drink: Mountain Dew and brown Creaming Soda... Then drank them together before realising he could just mix them into the same bottle) and we were off.

The two of us, bags included, took up 4 chairs, but the train was mostly empty. Slowly more people trickled on and we talked about games and painting and all sorts of stuff (I discussed a few more things about an upcoming project of mine called Evosphere) and all was swell.

Then a woman and her two kids got on the train, and, after yelling at the children the mother blurted out their names: Oscar and... Wait for it... Phoenix. Yeah. Phoenix. This isn’t important to the story, but I found it funny.

In all, over the train ride, Nemesis managed to eat 108% of his daily intake of sugar. Again, not important, but funny!

We finally arrived at Central and after getting my ticket out and then discovering I wouldn’t need it as no one was manning the gate anyhow, we walked outside to find our hotel. I was freaking out because neither of us is very good at city navigation (especially Sydney) but the hotel turned out to be literally across the road. First problem solved!

We checked in and all was peachy. The room was nice and... You know what? You can see for yourself!
 (This is the room from the door (with all our stuff in it))
 (This is the bathroom)
 (This is the shower... I know you wanted to see that one!)
 (This is Nemesis laying on his bed... He is doing something with his hands, but he wouldn't explain to me exactly what... So. ???)
(And this is the view from the beds. You can see my very messy mess on the table and chair!)
 (This is the view from behind the curtain.)
 (This is the view with the curtain drawn... Which couln't be undrawn... I miss the view *sadface*)

Then we headed out for some food-stuffs. Food is everywhere in Sydney, but NAB ATMs are lacking. We walked for some time until we found an alcove thing near Market City and discovered the NAB city branch with an ATM out front. $100 spending money withdrawn, and we were set for food.

I can’t decide what to eat when I have no money in my pocket and only one choice. Giving me enough money for practically anything is a bad idea. Placing me in a city full of choices is worse. Doing both at the same time is asking for TROUBLE!

But we got ramen, so it ended out ok *wipes sweat from forehead* Oh and Nemesis had his first fried dumplings... He enjoyed them lots *proud*
(IT WAS YUM! I didn't finish all of mine, and it was so filling that Nemesis couldn't even finish what I left!)

Then we walked around for a while and went to Good Games to attempt to spend my $40 voucher there (but we left with only questions that needed answering, and a reaffirming that I can’t make decisions) and then we went to Games Paradise. Unfortunately nature called, and we had to quest all over the place for a bathroom. Seriously, Sydney has NO BATHROOMS! We ended up being directed to a pub because Event Cinemas wouldn’t let us use theirs without a movie ticket, and KFC didn’t have one. (I miss Melbourne and its wealth of restrooms!)

We went into a comic book store and found a ridiculously overpriced poster of the ‘Verse (it was like $85 or something!)  so we went back to our hotel and painted  (my Autarch is lookin’ NICE!)

Then we got hungry again and after looking for a pizza place for ages and finding a very very overpriced Korean BBQ, we bought some Mexican, but I forgot to take photos, so I can’t show you. But it was nice.

Then we went back again and painted some more whilst watching Scrubs. Good night.

(To be Continued!)