Welcome Back! ; On the Road to Games Day! (Post 1 of The Daemon Cycle)

Greetings my furry, translucent friends!

I would just like to take the time, at first, to apologise for my horrible upkeep of this blog. Several things have gotten in my way (life, for one, but also moving, no internet, being sick, yadda yadda yadda) but nothing is really an excuse for not blogging, bar that of sheer nothing to talk about. Which is sad, considering this is a gaming blog. (And therefore, nothing to talk about means I haven’t been doing any gaming.)


I have moved to Melbourne and reforged my gaming group, so all is underway! I have also refounded my love of Magic: the Gathering, and am going to start posting in regards to that (re)new(ed) love!

So, once again, I am terribly sorry for not posting, but I assure you I will be posting in the near future.


On the Road to Games Day! (Part 1 of the Daemon Cycle)
(Just as a disclaimer: sorry about the overly epic title, I just thought it would be humorous...)

The road to Games Day Australia 2011 is a strange one that oddly takes us all the way back to July of 2009...


Anyway, in July 2009 I presented with some pretty strange symptoms, and, after a while of pain and such and such, I went to hospital. There, I was diagnosed and misdiagnosed and  diagnosed again. Eventually, by August I had a straightish answer (after several surgeries and so forth).

Anyway, turns out I had lymphoma.

Which sucked, but I got over it. Well, I didn’t really have a choice now, did I?!

So I was contacted by the Starlight Children’s Foundation (amazing people: they deserve your support!) who offered me a ‘Wish’. Now, what the hell did I want? I wanted not to be sick, or to see my friends again, or so many hundreds of things that they just couldn’t do... So I was a little in the dumps about all of that. Nothing happened, and the Wish drifted out of my mind.

I finally got out of hospital, went home, and was bored out of my brains. I couldn’t do much but watch TV and Stumble on my computer. So I did a lot of both, and developed a rather unhealthy love of the Lifestyle Food channel!

But then I remembered Warhammer, and I cracked out my paint set (meagre as it was, as I was never the richest of teenagers) and began painting my Goblins and Dwarfs that my most generous mother bought for me in the Skull Pass set to pass my days.

All was peachy.

Then I got a call about the Wish again, and, I had a thought: Warhammer. Specifically, Dark Heresy. I had always loved RPGs and if I got the books, perhaps I could play them with my friends once I got better!
So I asked for all the books, and they said “Anything else?” and I replied that if they couldn’t get the books, perhaps the Citadel Paint Range.

Well, time went on, we all moved, and I eventually wound up in Newcastle, where my brother, for my 19th birthday, gave me the Dark Heresy range of books. Core Rulebook, Creatures Anathema, Inquisitors Handbook, Radicals Handbook and Disciples of the Dark Gods...

I was chuffed! I loved my new books and promptly started a new group in Newcastle to play with them.
Then the Wish called again, and I said “Don’t worry about the books if you don’t already have them, as my brother bought them for me” and they were fine with all of that.

So, more time went on, I met the most fantastic girl in the world, fell in love, played some more Dark Heresy, painted some more Eldar, Dwarfs and Goblins, and just lived on.

Then my love moved to Melbourne and I started Uni. Both were good and bad, in different ways. My love moving was almost all bad: I couldn’t see her except for every couple of weeks when we’d fly to each other, and it was heart breaking to wake up alone without her every day. But there was some good in it: the feeling of seeing her and holding her for the first time in weeks, the magic of Melbourne, and finally the knowledge that we loved each other enough to keep going through all of that.

Uni was a little different: good in that I grew a lot closer to my good ol’ buddy, Mr. Fry, I learnt basic Latin and Ancient Greek, I made this blog, and played some Dark Heresy! It was bad in that I was shoved back into school work after a year and a half without having anything to do... That was jarring.

But anyway, tangents...

After my first semester, I moved to Melbourne to be with my loveliest love, and became much happier. Although, I lost my gaming group. Two months went by and I didn’t really do anything, which was really difficult because I wanted to game and to meet friends but I was scared. Then, I got the idea to email some people on the “DnD” list of a Melbourne shop called “Dungeon of Magic”. Well, lots of responses later, and I had crafted my RPG group and we are to start playing in the next two weeks!!!


I got a call back from Starlight saying that “My Wish package was ready”

What?! It is ready?! The... The Paint Set? I hadn’t been able to paint for months because of the move and everything, so I was very very excited.

“But we have added a few extra things in for you”

Oh? What could be extra? The Dark Heresy books? Maybe I could give them to my old group in Newcastle so they could play without me?

“We got you two free VIP tickets to Games Day Australia 2011, and a host of Dark Heresy books you don’t have, and free accommodation, and spending money.”


“Are you there?”

*flat lines*

“Did you just die?”

(Sorry, should have cleared that up) *metaphorical flat line*

“Oh good, he’s still alive”


So I invited my best friend, and we were all set to go to Games Day on October 1st... I MUST PREPARE!

(To be Continued...)