Announcing: Thursday "Things-To-Do" - Father Graem's New Soup

Greetings all,

In light of my new campaign coming up which will be situated in the Chaos choked city of Praag in Kislev, I have decided to start doing weekly adventure hooks that fit along a slightly unnerving bent. All of them will be intended for 'strange' quests/adventures, or merely as strange things that you can throw into your games to liven up an encounter.

Here goes the first one:

Father Graem's New Soup

"Have you tried Father Graem's new soup recipe? It is absolutely to-die-for. They say he picked it up when he was traveling in the west, but from where exactly, no one knows. It has some 'secret ingredient' in it that makes it amazing. But that's beside the point. You simply must try it. I've been looking for Charmaine to tell her about it, but I can't seem to find her. Oh well, lets go have a bowl now!"

What is Father Graem's secret ingredient that makes his soup to-die-for? Where is Charmaine? For that matter, she's not the only one who has gone missing. But they must try the soup! Perhaps they are closer to it than anyone has realised...

Anyway, enjoy, keep rolling those dice, and I hope to speak to you again soon!