Blogging WFRP A-to-Z: E is for Elector Countess Emmanuelle von Leibwitz

Few personalities in the Old World truly encapsulate an entire social class. Elector Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz, however, truly represents the ‘spoiled rake’ stereotype.

Occupying the both Countess positions available in Wissenland (that of Elector Countess of the province, and of the City State of Nuln), the Countess is by far the most powerful person that side of Altdorf. However, uncharacteristically of most nobility, she is attempting the throw away most of her lands – giving Wissenland to the Toppenheimer family – so that she can be rid of the bores of provincial matters. In the absence of these worries, she would certainly be aiming to throw many more of her illustrious parties and balls (many of which are said to last days, or even weeks!).

To put it short, however, the Countess could be seen as Nuln personified – a bright jewel in the crown of the Empire, strong and enduring, yet wasteful and flamboyant, with just enough excess to get the newssheets talking. With apparently “10,000 completed outfits” in her wardrobe, no one could doubt the strength and wealth of the cultural capital of the Empire.

But, even though the Countess is a much loved socialite, this middle-aged woman has a dark side. She is notorious for her hatred of the “po-faced burghers” and for countless scandals involving whatever young, fresh faced, handsome man crosses her path. To cover up these dealings, and to maintain her hold on her beloved ‘jewel’ – the City State of Nuln – the Countess has established several groups of ‘secret police’ and spy networks that run through the city (many of which are unaware of the others, so as to prevent corruption).