Blogging WFRP A-to-Z: I is for Isha

Isha, the Elven Mother Goddess, is considered by all Elves to be the creator of their race. However, due to the unique methods of divine interpretation and reverence, they also consider all other female ‘Mother Goddesses’ as being a part of Isha, or perhaps Isha as a part of a greater representation of the concept of the ‘Mother’.

Isha is the Goddess of the harvest and of natural bounty, mother of the earth and bringer of fertility… Much like the other female deities of the Old World. Evidence of Isha can be seen in other deities such as Shallya, Rhya, Valaya, Esmerelda, and Hyacinth, and vice versa. Given the nature of Old World worship, the collective thoughts of one deity are seen in the other, and vice versa.

As Teclis inferred when he taught safe magic to the magisters of the Empire, all gods are merely projections of emotion and collective thought in the Aethyr. He put forward (however lightly) that perhaps all human gods, and the ‘miracles’ they bestow, are sourced from the same place as the foul Winds of Chaos. This thought is, of course, heretical under the current theological thinking in the Old World… But it is no less true.