Blogging WFRP A-to-Z: K is for Knight of the Blazing Sun

Few Knightly Orders capture the imaginations of the Old World like the Knights of the Blazing Sun. Whether it is their fantastically ornate armour, their dazzling mirror shields, or their newcomer god, it is anyone’s guess. The simple fact is, during a siege or attack on a couching in or parish, the Knights of the Blazing Sun always seem to pop up and settle the score.

Originally a secular group from Carroburg, the Knights found their way to Estalia en route to crusade in Araby. However, the town in which they were staying soon came under attack from their foes and their deaths were assured. Suddenly, the great statue of Myrmidia toppled and slew hundreds of the Arabyan forces, allowing the Knights to take them in open combat. They returned to the Empire filthy rich and worshipping a foreign god.

But the Goddess of Tactical Battle is a good suit for the Knights of the Blazing Sun – Myrmidia offers insights into battlefield tactics and great wisdom. There is no wonder why this wise goddess is beginning to replace Ulric on the lips of waiting soldiers…

But now, decades after their conversion, the Knights still roam the lands of the Empire, often alone and foregoing the comforts of the chapter house, seeking out the meek and the helpless with polished shield held aloft and the flaming courage of Myrmidia to keep their countrymen safe!