Blogging WFRP A-to-Z: L is for Lucky Charms

The peasants (and in many cases, the nobility) of the Old World are a superstitious lot. Given the nature of the Warp and the uncertainty of the existence of material gods, however, this is perhaps the wisest of stances. As such, the culture of the Empire, and indeed beyond, has breed a massive economy dealing in Lucky Charms.

Lucky Charms can take all manner of forms - rune stones, the finger bones of ‘Saints’, small straw dolls of the family or god, and so forth. The one thing that ties them all together, however, is the faith placed in them by their owners. Whether through some kind-eyed onlooking god, or because of the random whims of the Aethyr, it is not uncommon for these Lucky Charms to have a seemingly tangible effect. Of course, the reason you didn’t get your head split open could be because the ground is slippery after the rain, or it could be because your Lucky Charm made your enemy slip. You can never know…

What you can be sure of, however, is that there will always be charlatans selling false relics for a quick Crown or so. And further, the fools of the Empire will always buy them.