I Just Had a Dream

Greetings all,

Firstly, with a new posting surge comes a new layout. It looks much nicer in my opinion, but I would very much like to hear yours... Not to sure about the old background, to be honest.

Anyway, onto the randomness that was my dream (trust me, it is slightly relevant, and I do bring it back in the end). Currently, myself, my lovely companion, and three friends-of-somewhat-dubious-repute are looking to all move out of our current abodes and into a share house (probably around the Balwyn area) and here in much gaming will ensue (as well as, far more likely, a million hours of working time. Fun!). As everyone involved is in my gaming group, we've had a lot of contemplation over the amount of games that we could play/run/host/do, etc.
The dream wasn't this awesome, but it was close...
So, last night when I went to sleep, I dreamed a dream of us house searching. In this dream, we went to a friend's owned property which they were putting up for lease as they were moving somewhere smaller. The place was sparsely furnished (they were moving their wanted stuff and leaving behind their unwanted, etc). We went through and had a look - and liked it - and the rent was reasonable and all that jazz. However, what I found in the back room made the clincher.

Literally thousands of Warhammer models, in various states of paintedness, WFRP adventures, maps, model kits, boxes of paints, terrain features, a massive gaming table, and essentially a young life's worth of serious Warhammer collecting.

I spent the rest of my dream going through it all and dreaming up situations I could use it in. I remember vividly stating at one point "Oh, this Bone Dragon will do wonder for when my players come up against one".

[NOTE: Any players of mine reading this, please be assured that you're not going up against a Bone Dragon. I wouldn't be that mean. Oh wait... I would. But still, you're not!]

Anyway, this got me thinking upon waking up, about the possibilities of a gaming room, and collaborative gaming resources. Namely (even though they weren't much in the dream) RPG books/supplements. That is, of coarse, everything helping in purchase (usually expensive) RPG books so that the cost is individually low.

Is it cool to have a group chip in for supplements for a game they themselves are reaping the rewards of? After the game, who then owns it? Should the GM pay them out?

I'd love to hear some feed back on this one!