Something is Coming to Melbourne and I'm Excited

By Ben Scerri

Or rather, something is coming back...

I had a rather interesting night last night - I crawled through the rain and much of Fitzroy to find myself at a little gaming bar that Melbournites will know, but potentially not love. You probably all love the idea behind it, but perhaps not the execution. I am talking, of course, about the Mana Bar.

Coming to Melbourne from Sydney, I was excited beyond belief that I could finally go to a Mana Bar, and experience the awesome that was games and drinks in one open and inviting space. I, like most, was very disappointed with what came about. I went a few times, but always had something to grumble about; it was to small, to cramped, uncomfortable, far away and expensive. Also, it was gimmicky - it wasn't somewhere I could see myself at during the day when I need a beer to think through a code problem, or where I could go in and have a chat to the staff, or, hell, just suggest to my friends without making it an 'outing'.

Nearly everyone I have asked about this has expressed identical problems, and this, in itself, is a problem. If it is a hassle to go, no one will go.

Luckily, though, those who run it currently are very aware of the situation.

So this brings me back to last night. I was called in, along side many fellow devs and the like, to act as a focus group for a new project being brewed upon the stove top of awesamity. It is to take the idea of a space where everyone can comfortably drink and play games (and for indie devs to showcase their games), like what the Mana Bar was supposed to be, but to get it right.
Like this, but with 100% less arm severing... Hopefully.
I can't express much about what is being planned, as it is all very hush hush, but I can say two things:

If this works, it will be HUGE for indie devs, gamers and the geek community in Melbourne, and,
it is going to need all of our support to get it going.

More can be found out at The Revenge of the Nerd, so go have a look.

This will not be the last I will mention of this topic.

Stay tuned for more!

*manages to keep a semi-tight lid on his excitement*