Ranald's Fingers - Gambling in the Old World

Gambling is big in Warhammer Fantasy. The only thing to do in the Old World to make you forget that you're suffering there is to drink, and the only thing available to do whilst drinking, is to game away your hard- or ill-begotten- coin.
If only WFRP was this classy...
However, despite this, very few people have really focused on Gambling in their games, nor written adequate rules to facilitate it. Sure, Liber Fantatica has a nice section to expand it a little along side all dice rolls in the game, but nothing that makes you feel like you're doing anything more than rolling dice.

Thus, Ranald's Fingers was born. Cooked up over several showers, like all my ideas, this PDF will explore an "Add On" to Texas Hold 'Em Poker which can be played at the table, during a session of WFRP, to allow players to mingle with others whilst maybe earning some money.

I advise to run this whilst roleplaying dialogue with the players as well - perhaps gaming with the great "Casanova" Henschmann? Or counting cards in 'Three of a Kind'?

I hope you all enjoy it!