100th Post, 15,000 Views - It's a Good Day

Holy crap, it actually happened! WOOOO!

Not only does this post mark the 100th post on versamus, but it also marks the morning of waking up to seeing the view count tipped over 15,000 views for the first time!
Hot damn, that's a lotta views...
Last month, January, was a incredibly successful month for posting, it seems. I near topped my viewing record, which I hope to continue this trend. I replaced two articles on my "5 Most Viewed", both of which were from way back in 2011! And I began posting my own creations on versamus.

I've learned two key things - people like free stuff, and people like art. Therefore, I will be promising more of both in the future! I've been writing a lot of supplements for various games, and I will start posting more than just WFRP stuff. Further, I have been in contact with a few of the amazing artists I know, and they're keen for me to host some of their work!

In other news, Impossible Worlds has started with three teams working concurrently on 2 month-long development cycles. I can't say all that much yet, but once we have some press releases, I will be sure to talk about them here. Some awesome work has already begun, and I am very keen for what comes next!
Still a work in progress, but it is getting there.
Part-Time Gods Season 2 is about to begin - our first session is on the 3rd, and will be played every Monday until it is done (I am looking for 3-4 sessions). I've been toying around with a narrative write-up of the first Season, but I don't know if I'll ever finish it seriously, or if it is just a hobby. If I do make anything of it, however, I'll post about it.
If you think that isn't awesome... Then we have nothing to talk about.
Finally, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has read versamus thus far, and whilst I can't promise we'll still be here for the next milestones (200 posts and 25,000 views), I can certainly say that if we are, it'll be because of you guys! I hope, in some way, I've made your games better, or at least given you something to think about.

Cheers, and happy gaming!