Artist Spotlight: Leesha Hannigan, DoubleJumper

Well, I promised I would do more art shout-outs, so here is the first of the new batch. 

Living in Melbourne, and studying at Qantm, I met some absolutely amazing artists, but by far I've never seen one with the same range as Leesha Hannigan. From stunningly realistic environments, to adorable isometric houses, and Disney-quality characters... Needless to say, when Leesha told me her intention to join Impossible Worlds, I nearly fell out of my chair.

Enough of my rambling - here is the art itself! (Note, the last one is a painting of a nude model, but I would class it SFW. If you have an issue with it, then, grow up... Seriously.)

Damn... All I have to say.

Check out the rest of Leesha's work on her blog, DoubleJump!