Artist Spotlight: Benjamin Ee, TheBoyofCheese

Here goes another Artist Spotlight! This one goes out to one of the most talented character artists I've ever seen:

All hail, The Boy of Cheese!

I met Ben (not me, nor the other Ben... I know a lot of Bens, ok?!) through QANTM Melbourne when I was studying there, and even before I knew of his ridiculously awesome artwork, I knew of his ridiculously awesome personality. Ben has alwasy stood as one of those weirdly calming presences through QANTM, seemlessly able to disolve disputes with a hug or a quick flick of his wit.

And then I saw his artwork, and... Well... My words suck in comparison, so I'll just show you.

Yeah, that's right... These are the people I know O.O

Check out his work on his deviantArt page, or purchase some prints from his online store.

I hope it inspires you as it does me!