Marienburg A-to-Z over April, 2014!

As some of you may remember, a few years ago I joined in on the WFRP A-to-Z Blogging Challenge with a few of my fellow enthusiasts. Well, this year I'm doing it again, but this time, I'm riding solo!

That's right, I'm challenging myself to write 26 blog posts in the coming month, one for each day of the month excluding Sundays.

My theme, you ask? Well, it seems fitting if I do it on Marienburg. Yeap, 26 alphabetised, Marienburg-themed posts, detailing characters, places, factions, and plots that can be found in the city.

For those Loremasters out there, note that I will be writing about my Marienburg, which is largely based off of the 1st Edition book, Marienburg Sold Down the River, but with my own elements thrown in, and setting details from 2nd Edition.

But here they will be, so I hope you all enjoy them, and I hope to Sigmar that I can get through this!