F is for Fidelius Cloverhill

There is a story floating around the Old World of a country man come to Marienburg to see the sights. It tells of this poor country bumpkin's trip through the city, being raised to the level of kings one day, and to the lowest wretch the next. Each telling embellishes details, and no one can truly say for certain which parts are true. Except one. There is a section of the tale in which the man is convinced by a wily Halfling brush-salesman to purchase his own shoes off the Halfling. When the man walks away, he has a smile on his face.

No one knows who the man was - no one really cares. But the Halfling? Why, he was none other than Fidelius Cloverhill. Considered, by far, the best salesman in Marienburg to date, Fidelius runs the Hall of Trade in Elftown as its manager and chief auctioneer. He came to the attention of Clan Aisellion of the Elves when he managed to convince them to purchase nearly three dozen useless brushes, including a full seven to the clan lord himself. Rather than stitch him up for the con, they put him to work.

People come from far and wide every morning to trade in the Hall of Trade, but more still come just to watch "Fat" Fidelius wave around his baton and sandwich, calling out clearly each bid, and return-insults to his hecklers despite his sandwich stuffed mouth. No one leaves an auction unscathed, and everyone leaves with a smile on their faces (even those who have been conned).

In a very real sense, Cloverhill represents the heart and soul of Marienburg - very Low born, foreign, and non-Human, he has managed to rise to one of the most respectable positions based on his quick wit, tongue and eye. Needless to say, getting on his good side will reap bountiful rewards (though it could cost you a full seven course meal at some of the finer establishments in the Halfling Quarter).