SNIPPET! Ameshirel: A World Reforged - On the Nature of Humans

Ameshirel: A World Reforged is an upcoming setting and campaign being developed as the flagship setting for the system Do or Dice which is currently in development. This setting and system will be teased and released in snippets, a few pages at most, such as this.

The fifth snippet for Ameshirel: A World Reforged concerns the nature of Humanity, and how it has changed since the Age of Ascension. Stagnant and oppressed under the weight of hereditary cults, many turn to the life of a Scofflaw for simple freedoms...

You can download the one-page snippet as a PDF here!

(Image from William McAusland, used with permission.)
More snippets will be shared each week, as the setting of Ameshirel: A World Reforged is uncovered from the ashes of the Age of Ascension!