Versamus 50,000

I have to say, I'm pretty shocked by this...
Yesterday, I noticed versamus was picking up speed. It seems the snippets are doing well, and people are enjoying them. The last one - On the Nature of Orcs - got shared around quite a bit on Twitter and Facebook, which brought a smile to my face. I went to bed with 49-something-thousand views last night, and was pretty confident with the speed it was going that in the morning we'd be at 50k.

Then, sometime over night, a friend of mine shared a post - My 7 Tips for Playing Well - over on reddit. Instead of waking up to 50k, I woke up to 54k... And climbing! This also means that October - already - has been our best month ever, between the success of the snippets, and the tips. So thank you all very much!

Anyway, I'm just glad people are enjoying versamus, and I look forward to writing more content for your eyes. I'm also considering making more upgrades to the blog, and will keep you all up to date on them as they come up.