Free Game: Rough Road Ahead

Over New Years we (that is, me and many friends) travelled to one of my friend's childhood home - a farm in the middle of Victoria, Australia. It wasn't fantastically remote, but it did give us a solid 3.5 hours away from any board or roleplaying games (oh, the humanity!)

So what did a car filled with three game designers do? Well, we made a game.

Then we tested it.

And now I've written it up properly, and am sharing it all with you.

Like my last game, this is is entirely free. Download it, enjoy it, etc.
(Image from... Me.)
Rough Road Ahead is a game that can only be played on the road, which doesn't have a GM. It can be played with any setting, and doesn't require paper, pens/pencils, or dice of any kind. All it uses is the road, and your imagination.