Welcome to Red World Press!

You might notice a few things are different around here. For starters, we're no longer hanging around versamus. What gives? Well, I wanted to consolidate all my RPG musings, makings, and gallivantings, in one place, and after a lengthy decision process, I decided that place was here. From now all, versamus won't be updated, and you'll be able to find all that goodness here. (Don't worry, versamus isn't going anywhere, it's just not being updated any more. The archive will remain there, as well as being duplicated here!)

But where is "here"? Red World Press is the new umbrella I'm using to release my games of all sorts. Why Red World? Check out the manifesto; it'll explain everything.


The announcement of Red World Press also comes with some other announcements. It's true, I've been quiet for a little while lately; but not due to sloth, but rather rabid working! That's right, I've been publishing things over on DriveThruRPG, and setting up everything before you.

What was I publishing, you ask? Menagerie - Vol. 1: Drowning! This is the first part of a series of zines I'll be releasing for the foreseeable future, detailing polished content from my past D&D 5E campaigns. You'll see Gods I've made manifest for my players, adventures they've battle their way through, treasure they've fought hard for, and monsters which gave them nightmares. Really, it's a lot of fun!


I've also got a lot more coming up on the horizon, like the coming public beta for All Shall Fade, and much much more!