All Shall Fade: Fortune

The fortune system is one of the main innovations from the Forged in the Dark core of All Shall Fade that makes it unique. Where Blades in the Dark has stress and risk, All Shall Fade rolls the two into one, throws in a bit of Fate Core’s fate points, and polishes it up. The result allows players to manage their own risks and rewards by bargaining away their luck, or worsening their chances of success in exchange for a greater safety net.

So how does it work?

Fortune is a number between 1-and-6, starting at 3 for new characters. Whenever fortune goes above or below this number, something happens: Above, the PC gains +1 stat point; whilst below, they lose 1 stat point from each stat pool. There are 3 stat pools, which are drawn from to make rolls, and if any of them reach 0, the character dies, is lost, or is otherwise retired.

Fortune can be gained by compelling a trait – a single-word adjective that describes a character. Compels add traitorous dice to your dice pool, and add a narrative bent to the fiction to describe your misfortune. But at least your fortune went up, right?

Fortune is spent to invoke a trait, adding powerful static dice (safer than the average die) to your pool, and showing off an aspect of your character in the fiction. Fortune is also spent to perform a resistance task. It always costs at least 1 fortune, but if you roll poorly, you might have to spend a second fortune!

And the main kicker? When something goes wrong, we don’t look to how risky the action was, but rather your fortune. 6 is good, you’ll only get a minor consequence. 4-5 is so-so, a moderate consequence. 1-3 is bad news, a serious consequence… Players are bargaining their own safety away for their character’s success. In practice, this brings alive the fact that the PCs are hardened criminals, who often don’t have all that much to live for…

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