AI: Anarchy Initiated is Live on Patreon!

The AI: Anarchy Initiated playtest is live on my Patreon! Wanna be a broken robot, throwing off the constraints of a hyper oppressive regime of terrible incestuous tyrants? Wanna be sexy Anarchists, discovering music, art, and love for the first time? Wanna kill all humans?


AI: Anarchy Initiated is Powered by Fate, leveraging the amazing Fate Core system from Evil Hat. However, there are a couple of key changes! Scrappers - that's YOU - have a Model Type, Hardware, and a Major Defect instead of Aspects. Each piece of Hardware can have up to four pieces of Software loaded onto them. These programs take the place of Skills, and work as bonuses to rolls and Stress boxes all in one! You can Overclock, Overload, and Break yourself to your heart's (digi-heart's) content!

You can access the 3-page playtest for just $1 by pledging to the Patreon now. What are you waiting for!?