Once Upon A Wizard's Shelf on Patreon!

Introducing Niches & Nonsense, a series of weird OGL Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition hacks which bend the rules in ways they honestly shouldn't... 

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The first instalment is Once Upon A Wizard's Shelf: Take control of a living spellbook, let loose in its master's infinite Wizard's Tower! Make sure your shenanigans don't mess up the Wizard's stuff, and they might just let you live when they return from whatever it is they're doing. It's currently up for free for all $3+ patrons over on patreon.com/redworldpress! All you need to play is the Player's Handbook, the Monster Manual, and this PDF!

There will be other instalments of Niches & Nonsense coming in the future, though they're "ready when they're ready" on no specific schedule. The next one will be about dragons destroying villages, so...watch this space!

Once Upon A Wizard's Shelf will be made free to the public in a month's time (30 days), but if you can't wait that long, jump over to my Patreon and get your hands on it now!