Ameshirel: A World Reforged

Ameshirel: A World Reforged is an upcoming roleplaying game setting being developed for the Do or Dice system. The setting and system are both still in development, but I have begun leaking information regarding them both.
(Image from William McAusland, used with permission.)

Ameshirel was a world undone by the infighting of meddlesome Gods. This culminated in the deaths of all the Gods, which gave scraps of divine power to their mortal scions. These scions fought for supremacy, and to hold Ameshirel back from the brink as time- and dimension- warping dungeons called Risen-Thens began to appear. One group in particular rose to prominence and ascended to Godhood where they encountered and slew the enslaving mastermind of the Universe - Dominion. Without the creator left to bind the world together, its fracturing increased until the Gods sacrificed their freedom to hold it all in place.

Now Ameshirel is a reforged world - changed drastically by the wars of Gods and mortals. It is a world of wise Giants, vengeful Dragons, cursed Dwarves, and half-living Elves. It is a world of social stagnancy, except for the classless Scofflaws. It is a world ripe for adventure.

The setting can also be used with any roleplaying game that can model medieval-to-early-renaissance fantasy. Ameshirel itself started as a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition homebrew campaign, but it grew beyond that system into what it is now. Alternately, the snippets shared below can be picked apart and used by themselves in any campaign setting - they're mostly self contained bits of content... Hence, snippet.

Below are listed all of the snippets of this setting that have been released so far:

On the Nature of Dwarves

On the Nature of Orcs

On the Nature of Elves

On the Nature of Polder

On the Nature of Humans

On the Nature of Magic

On the Nature of Scofflaws

(Image from Rue Ink, used with permission.)