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Global Game Jam 2017 Theme: Waves!

Woo! Having held onto the theme for nearly 24 hours, I'm happy to report that the GGJ17 theme is Waves.
Which, as you can imagine, has made my job a little bit more difficult.

How do you make a roleplaying game about waves? Well, you don't, really. At least I didn't. As with anything, my product has strayed from its brief. It's now a card game. But, basically everything else is the same. I'm still following 3 of those 6 diversifiers, and I've been following the Accessibility guidelines.

You can watch the GGJ17 Keynote, here!

No More, Molok! is essentially ready. I can't share it yet, but when GGJ is over, I'll link through to the website so you can see the entries!

Free Game: Rough Road Ahead

Over New Years we (that is, me and many friends) travelled to one of my friend's childhood home - a farm in the middle of Victoria, Australia. It wasn't fantastically remote, but it did give us a solid 3.5 hours away from any board or roleplaying games (oh, the humanity!)

So what did a car filled with three game designers do? Well, we made a game.

Then we tested it.

And now I've written it up properly, and am sharing it all with you.

Like my last game, this is is entirely free. Download it, enjoy it, etc.
(Image from... Me.)
Rough Road Ahead is a game that can only be played on the road, which doesn't have a GM. It can be played with any setting, and doesn't require paper, pens/pencils, or dice of any kind. All it uses is the road, and your imagination.

Global Game Jam 2017 Approaches!

Last year I went to Global Game Jam in Melbourne, and had an amazing experience. I created two games as a part of a team of four, and we had ridiculous amounts of fun doing it.
(Image from Global Game Jam.)
This year, between Friday the 20th and Sunday the 22nd, I want to do something different. I want to do something really difficult.

I don't know the theme (yet, obviously, and I won't be posting about it until Hawaii Jams too), and I don't have a team (yet: if the following sounds good to you, and you're in Melbourne, HIT ME UP!)

What I do have, is ambition. I want to create a roleplaying game that takes no more than 15 minutes to play (including character creation, if any) that covers at least half of the following diversifiers (sort of like mini achievements that make the games more intriguing): 
  • Don’t say a word (ESA Sponsored)
    • A multiplayer game that requires communication between players, without relying on text or voice.
  • Local Lore
    • Incorporate a local urban legend, myth, lore, or history into your game.
  • Game Legacy 
    • Each playthrough of the game affects the next.
  • Crowd Control
    • Your game must be played by 8 or more players.
  • Time Lord
    • Your game offers variations based on the time of day it is played.
  • To me, to you
    • The game must have a single playable character that is controlled by two players.
I also want to follow this Accessibility guide, and tick every single box (except for those which are not applicable because it's not going to be digital, but will be supplied in a PDF, so maybe I can do some of them?).
(Image from

If I smash through the above guide, I then want to start moving through this Accessibility guide, again, going from Basic to Advanced as time allows, and where applicable.

Can it be done? I guess I have 48 hours to find out...

Once the game is done, I'll share it for free here for anyone to use and play!

Free Game: I'd Like You to Meet

I have a grand dream of someday spending all my time writing, making, and running roleplaying games. To be honest, I'm doing a good effort of that now - running a ridiculous amount of games, and actively working on more than makes sense. However, I am also forced to spend a lot of my time doing other things, like working, etc. Granted, that work is still in the video game industry, so I am not complaining. But my eventual goal is to transition 100% from video games to tabletop games - my true passion.

In the meantime, here's one of the games I've been working on. Actually, this one is fresh out of my mind with no active playtesting yet. I'll be doing that, and sharing my experiences, in future posts, so stay tuned. For now, let me introduce you to I'd Like You to Meet (was that as confusing as it sounded to me? Good.) 
(Image made with the help of Lorc from
I’d Like You to Meet (ILYM) is a “silent” semi-live action game for four players, played with a deck of regular playing cards, seated around a table. In ILYM, you play as one of four family members: The Mother and Father meeting their Child’s Paramour for the first time.

It's a little unorthodox, but that's sort of the point. Once I get around to releasing my other projects - specifically Slugball, Sorcery & Secrets! you'll realise that unorthodox is par for the course.

I've also been considering starting a Patreon account, to maybe kick this into gear. The funds I'd receive (if anyone was amazing enough to fund me) would help cover the costs of professional art, proof readers, what have you. I'd also like to start streaming some of my process, but that too would come with some costs. A Patreon would also enable me to just do this more which would mean more games being made.

If this is something you'd be interested in, let me know in the comments (or yell at me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or randomly on the street without context).

Anyway, enjoy I'd Like You to Meet!