Red World Press. 

Who am I? Why does it matter?

To be a light, to link us together, to make us question who we are, and help us empathise with those who we aren’t.


  • I mostly make MEATPUNK games.
  • My games are full of passionheart, and inner conflict. Sometimes they're violent, but in the end they're about increased love and connection.
  • I'm a Communist, and my politics are inseparable from my games.
  • I'm a Maltese Australian. The blood of my heritage, and the red earth of my home, stain my art.
  • I believe in a New Earth, possible through the colonisation of Mars, led by artists among us; our red garden, free from the crimes of Old Earth.


  • We share our world, even if we don't act like it. I hope my games can help remind folks of that fact.
  • My games are about people and places, real or superimposed, that are forgotten and ignored.
  • My games are about community and the environment. We can't (and shouldn't) think about either without reflecting on how we relate back to our own planet.
  • My games dance between the realms of space and the Gods. They seek to remind us that there's more to the universe than just us and our tiny world...


  • I care about accessibility. I am disabled. I have survived cancer. I have required a wheelchair, in my time. I know that everyone has their own needs, and that games are for everyone. I will strive to make sure our typefaces are dyslexic-friendly. I will check to make sure my games work with screen-readers. I will always tweet images with text explanations. I am excited to hear your ideas and feedback that will help you, and anyone else, play my games.
  • I care about diversity and getting it right. I am uninterested in telling the same stories repeatedly. I want to tell more stories. I want to tell your stories. But I can't be in every intersection. I will never release a game without hiring sensitivity readers to consult on identities other than my own. But, experiences are infinite. If I have been unfaithful to your experience, please tell me. I'm excited to learn how I can improve.
  • I care about transparency, and about sharing knowledge. It took me a long time to learn how to do what I do. I'm still learning, every day. I want to make sure that those coming after me can get to where they need to be faster than I could. I will strive to explain my process. If you want to know how I have done something, or how I plan to do something, please ask.
  • I care about community, and the self. I don't, and won't, tolerate harassment, ableism, ageism, classism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, or any other discriminatory behaviour against a marginalised group. If you see it in my community, let me know. I won't hesitate to act. But I'm not perfect and will screw up. If you see me doing any of the above, pull me up on it. If you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, please find someone else to pull me up on my own bullshit. I won't dismiss your concerns. I won't interrogate them. I vow to reflect on myself and improve.
  • I care about paying people. We live in a Capitalist society. It's sad but true. But even if we didn't, the work and experiences of others is worthy of respect. I will never solely offer exposure in trade for work or experience. I will work with those I hire, and those I work with, to negotiate fair terms of payment. I am always open to payment in trade, in kind, or in cash. I will always credit those who work for and with me, unless they don’t want to be

I've got work to do to improve my games, my community, and myself.

If you've got ideas, suggestions, or issues you'd like to raise, feel free to email me using the following, or to message me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.