Astrorotica (Preview)


Astrorotica (Preview)


We left Earth behind. We were sick of the violence, and the pettiness. We opened our arms to the universe. What we found was more beautiful than we can comprehend.

No Violence. Sci-Fi Romance.

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Astrorotica is a tabletop roleplaying game about dashing rogues on the edges of space, flying space ships, making friends, discovering the unknown, and finding love. The universe is so big and full of potential that the races we found have moved beyond violence, and now work together to make sure everyone has a good time.

Eventually you’ll find

  • An innovative engine built to make violence mechanically impossible, and to allow negotiation, wit, and romance to take its place,
  • A deep lifepath character creation system, to find out why you left Earth, and what you’re hoping to find,
  • Tools for GMs to create wonderful, fantastic worlds and cultures for your players to meet and fall in love with.

Game Information

Astrorotica is still in development. This is only a setting preview.