Babble On


Babble On


Folks exposing their heart in #speak-that. Loves beginning in #sweet-jams. Incredible worlds forming in #the-table. Insatiable thirst expressed in #original-sin-den. Welcome to the most magical place…

#200WordRPG2018. Love and support with in-person or on Discord.

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Babble On is a story game about a magical place, played in-person, or via chat. It’s a game about support, love, and sharing, to fascilitate and celebrate, the bonds we all share (past, present, and future).

Inside you’ll find

·         An entire game in just 200 words,

·         A set of questions, prompts, and tags, to allow you to speak your mind, and share your loves, with support and safety built in.

Game Information

Number of Players: ∞ players
Length: as long/short as you want
Pages: 1 (just 200 words!)