I'd Like You To Meet

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I'd Like You To Meet


Awkward glances across a kitchen table. You wring your hands in front of you, and stop when his father looks at you funny. You glance at your paramour, but there’s no respite there. You’re meeting the parents, and it’s as bad as it sounds.

Silent. Playing Cards.

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I’d Like You to Meet is a story game about meeting the parents of your paramour. It is an entirely silent game, played with a regular deck of playing cards. You and three others take the roles of an awkward little family as they stumble through this first encounter.

Inside you’ll find

  • An accessible live action game, designed specifically for deaf audiences, but accessible to many,
  • A cheeky and fun take on an otherwise awkward circumstance.

Game Information

Number of Players: 4 players
Length: 10-20 minutes
Pages: 5
Requires a deck of playing cards.