The ‘Corp is going under – the Feds can’t protect us for much longer, and they’ve got to make a move. It’s time to sell off your assets, and put the blame on the other board members.

#200WordRPG2016. Cyberpunk with Scrabble & Jenga.

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MegaCorp is a story game about a crumbling corporation in a cyberpunk future. As a board member, you need to trip up your colleagues, and sell off as many assets as you can to retire somewhere offshore. You can’t take the biggest haul, as the Feds will throw the book at you. You can’t take the lowest, either, because you need that money to keep up your disgustingly wasteful lifestyle.

Inside you’ll find

  • An entire game in just 200 words,
  • A simple rule system to convert a set of Scrabble and Jenga pieces into a flowing cyberpunk story.

Game Information

Number of Players: 2-4 players
Length: 30-60 minutes
Pages: 1 (just 200 words!)

Requires a set of Scrabble tiles and Jenga blocks.