Menagerie — Vol. 1: Drowning


Menagerie — Vol. 1: Drowning


The thundering of terrible gods, the howling of the wind through spectral sails, the cries of the Cirein-cròin caught in a net, the guttering of a candle lit below the tides…

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition content for GMs and Players alike.

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After running games for 20 years, a lot of great moments were made through trial and error. Why should those moments only be remembered, only be experienced, by one table?

Menagerie is a zine, collecting together thematic bundles of vigorously tested content compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, intended to be used by GMs and players alike. The first volume—Drowning—focuses on nautical themes, containing 15 pages of content:

  • A new Lawful Neutral God of Navigation, Sea Travel, and the Compass: Rudderless,
  • A whole 3rd-level ghost-ship adventure, focusing on the hubris of a sea captain, desperate for the secrets of immortality: The Bereaved Harridan,
  • Five new monsters, faithfully reimagined from lesser-utilised real-world mythologies: Bakunawa, Charybdis, Cirein-cròin, Mhalla, and Umibozu,
  • And three new and unique magical items, to aid adventurers on the high seas.

Pages: 18, A4