Remnants of War

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Remnants of War


Mobile lightning barriers. Trenches, filled with corpses and possessor ghosts. Tunnels under the frozen earth of Skovlan. Endless miles of leviathan-teeth palisades, stockades, and barbed wire.

Unofficial Blades in the Dark Supplement.

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Remnants of War is an unofficial fan supplement for Blades in the Dark focusing on the aftermath of the Unity War between the Empire and Skovlan, and the soldiers who’ve now been forgotten.

Inside you’ll find

  • A new crew type: Legionnaires, for returned service folk turned to crime,
  • A host of new items, brought back from the war, from the ghost-attracting Howler Grenade to the terrifying Gallowmortar,
  • A new faction detailed, the Imperial Military, to fight back against their former comrades.

Supplement Information

Remnants of War requires Blades in the Dark by John Harper and Evil Hat Publishing to use.

Pages: 7